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Selected Press Coverage

"Jim Allison, the brilliant, stubborn, down-to-earth and hopelessly lovable title character of Jim Allison: Breakthrough, may not initially look the part of a superman. But by the end of this absorbing, gracefully constructed and deeply moving documentary, he will have audiences wanting to join the fan club and get the T-shirt. This is a “just see it” movie, as in: Forget flowery language, redundant synopsis, clever paraphrasing or hyperbolic praise. Just see the dang thing."

- Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post

"As Breakthrough vividly illustrates, Allison — who’s currently Chairman of the Department of Immunology at Houston’s renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center — has made his mark by casting himself against type."

- Joe Leydon, Variety

"Haney paints a vivid portrait of Allison from boyhood to the present day, creating an empathetic hero for this true-life tale."

- Leonard Maltin,

"What shines through most in the film, though, is Allison’s dogged determination to find a cure for cancer, a quest that was—and continues to be—fueled by his repeated brushes with the disease and the loss of loved ones."

- Arthur N. Brodsky, Cancer Research Institute

Breakthrough remains loyal to its academic source material in a way that's clear enough for any viewer to follow… [and] Haney seems to have made all the right filmmaking choices, from balancing the science and sentimental to picking his subject at the perfect time…”

- Nathan Mattise, Ars Technica

“Breakthrough demonstrates that the treatment is not a miracle, but the result of some wild but meticulous thinking by a true medical hero.”

- Caryn James, The Hollywood Reporter

Breakthrough is an engaging and entertaining film because Allison is a fascinating subject. He’s blunt and honest and colorful.”

- Sophie Novack, Texas Observer

“In a field you’d never think of as having rock stars, Allison is a rock star of immunology. The filmmaker, Bill Haney, is a rock star among documentarians for bringing us this wonderful, hopeful film about a man and a Breakthrough achievement.”

- Bradley Gibson, Film Threat

“In a time when cynicism and skeptics run rampant, Breakthrough looks to offer a moment of comfort and hope via the story of Jim Allison.”

- Dino-Ray Ramos, Deadline Hollywood

Interviews and Additional Press

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