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Film can be a powerful instructional tool in the classroom and Jim Allison: Breakthrough is no exception.  


Whether or not your students are interested in pursuing the sciences, everyone should know more about what scientists do and see the human side of their lives.

When you sign up, you will receive a link to the film and get a copy of our Educator Toolkit that includes lesson plans.




















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Who's Watching

Since April of 2020, over 1,000 middle, high-school and post-secondary educators have signed up to screen the film – reaching tens of thousands of students worldwide.

See what they're saying.

“This film will inspire your students and foster discussion not only about the science behind immunotherapy against cancer, but also about the process of science as a human endeavor and how dreaming big and working hard pays off in the end.”

Maia Larios-Saiz, Ph.D

Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biology University of St. Thomas

Sign Up to Screen the Film with Your Class

Educational and community screening licenses for Jim Allison: Breakthrough are available through our distribution partner Collective Eye Films.  The following opportunies are available:

  • University & College DVD with PPR*

  • K-12, Public Libraries with PPR

  • Digital Site License

  • DVD+DSL (with PPR)

  • Community Screenings

About the Toolkit

Learn more about the toolkit, ideas for how to use it, and the people behind it. 

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